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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> would be a lot easier to put the weight on than it is taking the weight off. >> that's for sure. that's what's making news in america this mor >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, the candidates are their firstr debate. tonight we will see the results obama and gop romney face off at the university of denver. good morning, washington. wednesday, october 3. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's go to jacqui jeras to find happening outside. fog will be a big issue for the morning. let's show you the visibility. poor in many areas. a half mile at reagan national.
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at hagerstown, 0.3, and the same at dulles. the same in cumberland as well. and temperatures this morning. some 70's on the map. 70 in d.c., 64 in dallas. -- dulles. we could get a little sunshine afternoon. temperatures will get into the we will have big changes for the weekend. how traffic is moving, with angela. >> slow going all around the capital area. fog will be the big issue this morning. plan for a slow drive. give you an example, this is view of springfield, the springfield interchange. see any traffic flowing. the dense fog will slow things
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down this morning. have a couple work from the springfield interchange, inner loop towards 644, two right lanes are still closed. use caution through the works .wns in maryland, there is heavy fog. reports of a crash on eastbound 32 at the b-w parkway, a car deer. back to you. >> thank you. presidential, the face off tonight for their first debate. is at the university of denver. both candidates trying to lower expectations. a lot riding on .his brandi has more. >> after weeks of attacks on the --paign trail >> we don't get very far when we have leaders it writing off half
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victims.n as >> they will face off tonight. they will meet on the stage. >> what happens could be only five weeks until election day. t debate will focus on policy.omy and domestic both candidates took a break intense debate prep tuesday. mitt romney grab a bite to eat denver while president obama dam.ed the hoover >> it is spectacular. >> will tell relied heavily on mates this week to campaign. >> how they can justify raising taxes on middle-class. >> it did not take long for paul that.o pounce on >> vice-president biden today the middle class over e last four years has been buried. we agree.
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we need to stop digging -- start by electing mitt romney. the race is still close. every word tonight could impact election. abc news, denver. >> tonight's debate happens to fall on the same day as the obamas 20th wedding anniversary. mrs. obama will go to reno to voters and then to be .n the audience in denver they will celebrate on saturday. his campaign is asking supporters to sign an card for the first couple. the debate is at 9:00 tonight. at 11:00, scott thuman will have analysis. vice-president biden's flight into weather approaching charlotte, so the pilot circled
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it because of thunderstorms. landed on the second attempt. on his return trip to andrews base, that was delayed d fog, so his plane forced to land at dulles instead.onal he was taken by motorcade back observatory. >> 10 years after the d.c. area attacks, the victims are still being remembered for. be held vigil will for the shooting .ictims i this was in 2002. john allen mohammed was executed in 2009. malvo is serving a life sentence. >> of visitation will be held for three members of friends and family killed in a murder-suicide. captain peterson and her son and son christopher both found dead. father albert peterson shot and killed his wife and
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children and then killed himself. katharine peterson and her sons. john's church in reston is and athe vigil will be tomorrow.ll be there >> several local schools are taking part in international school that. it's to encourage more families of their cars and on their feet to enjoy the benefits of walking and bicycling to school. >> the health care and the restaurant industries may be the place to be if you are looking for work. and u.s. workers are feeling aboutle more confident the nation's jobs outlook. >> that is good news. 41% of respondents who lost jobs recently are jobmistic they will find a in the next six months. those with jobs say concerns possibility of being off is down 17%. the health-care industry is a choice as the baby boom generation ages.
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job postings for positions registered nurse to 13%ysical therapist rose of 2011 through june of this year. do get paid pretty well, but lower-paid home health aides are in higher demand. workers in the restaurant industry are in demand as well. industry is headed for its strongest year since 2004. the owner of olive garden hirenced it plans to expands.rkers as it bald man in the workforce in the world, more on that in the next hour. is business news from bloomberg headquarters in new bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. it's wednesday morning >> . find out which city made the list of america's sharpest cities. >> and a look ahead at the
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to close outpared the regular season and home. one more game today. the team is
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the nationals will end the .egular season at home today >> the champions will close out philliess against the to wait toey have out who they will play in the first round of the playoffs.
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teddy roosevelt will more shot. he seems to have trouble every time it tries to block out the competition. attend -- the fans attending this afternoon's game pin even if a teddy they don't win today. the birds, made the playoffs for since 1987, still behind the new york yankees. they beat the red sox last night. can force a one-game tiebreaker. that is if they win tonight and beat the yankees. we hope all falls into place d.c.baltimore and >> let's check and wood jacqui jeras on the weather. >> dense fog advisory is in across maryland and extreme northern virginia. even though we don't have an
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advisory in the metro, it is foggy withy visibility at a half mile at national and a third of a mile at dulles. warm temperatures. 70 in d.c., 64 at dulles, 66 in culpeper. after more than 3 inches of rain yesterday, we're not expecting today. could be a little misty this morning. fog will stick with us until noon until we start to get some air and maybe some peaks day.nshine by late in the high temperatures in the '80s. let's check on traffic with angela >> . morning. please plan for some extra travel time. dense. is we are looking in certain areas and there is reduced visibility. visibility in some areas. plan for a slow drive. on 66, we have a couple work zones. eastbound after nutley street, before the beltway, the
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lane is blocked. in maryland, a work zone after hampshire avenue, they have traffic cones, but there's a new traffic pattern. together.are now is no lane divide approaching university boulevard. caution getting through that area. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. arlington, reader's has made of america's 10 sharpest cities. education level, eating, and habits considered. san francisco came in first. reader's digest found seven in residents with at least a l below thedegree fal average. fremont california was in third place. traffic on the dulles access
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will come to a stop for two minute stretches between 9:00 t trucks 2:00 p.m. sal more sections of the e for the metrog station. be similar traffic friday. if you want to get away and stay by, check out the cox farms forat free. its this week to give away. can win four tickets to the fields ofnd four at fear tickets. winner eachunce a the 6:00week during a.m. hour of good morning washington. it is 67 degrees. >> the redskins show their for a controversial measure appearing on the nove
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let's check in with jummy
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olabanji. >> officials reporting at deaths? >> that's right. this information just coming newsroom with in the past couple minutes. 27 people have been killed in three separate bombings in syria. we are hearing up to 70 have been injured as well. the associated press has a that be terrorist- related increase separate areas the northern city of aleppo. two of them may have been caused by car bombs. we are waiting to get pictures video of what is going on in syria this morning. have been covering the ongoing unrest for several weeks. e that later in the newscast and online at back to you. >> thank you. sentencing today for former county firee's officials pleaded guilty to extortion and tax evasion. he was part of the same e that led tohem of former county
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executive jack johnson. he admitted to partnering with bribe developers to public officials for favors to the greenbelt station development projects. police investigating the stabbing death of a man in last night near intersection of 30 oates street and naylor road. clear, the motive, but no one has been arrested. residents are urged to boil water after major. the alert waseaks after a 12-inch main connecting storage tank and the water plant broke. has now been fixed. the alert will remain in effect until virginia officials can test the samples of the water. process should be done by midday tomorrow. bouys hopes someone will man robbing a dry cleaner in northwest d.c. armed robbery happened last in the 1300 block of florida avenue. man entered the store around , displayed a gun, and took off with cash. if you have information, contact
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d.c. police. >> the washington redskins getting involved in the fight expand gambling in maryland. >> the owner is urging fans to for question 7 of the november ballot. that would allow table games and and wouldasinos casino whichew be built and national harbor. team says it could create jobs and increase funding for schools. think for him to ask all endorse and the team to e believes is unprecedented. >> it create jobs. people need jobs right now in this area. thing.good proponents say casino owners will benefit and not the unemployed. baltimore ravens taking a against an amendment that would legalize same-sex marriage. torke is expected appear in a video opposing the w.
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outside, looking at 70 degrees. s morning.uggy thi >> coming up next, the surprising elimination on dancing. what
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>> welcome back. fog this morning. .> and it's a little warm >> we have seen nothing on the of ourk camera on top building within the last 15 minutes, in arlington. if you look closely, you can see lights on the memorial but that's all. visibility really dropping down to a half mile at reagan national. dulles.of a mile and that's the story in hagerstown and martinsburg and cumberland as well. in maryland. caution all across the metro this morning. national.t dullreagan temperatures will be warming up this afternoon. og mr. brown through all the someng before we get r air late today, i temperature around 85. stick around through
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morning. send me a picture of the fog on facebook. >> folks are moving slowly. no major incidents to report. tracking your drive from frederick, maryland, southbound 270 into montgomery county, not bad even with foggy conditions, moving at a good pace. that continues through germantown and gaithersburg toward the capital beltway. in virginia, we are seeing a lot fog. not bad on 395 south of edsall road. heading towards springfield on the southbound side of 395, look fog.atchy northbound on 95 coming from the in do notrea l.ringfield, it's foggy as wel back to you. >> thank you.
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former california governor schwarzenegger in the district last night for a book in northwestern town about "told recall." it includes the breakdown of his marriage. the dance is over for another celebrity. >> the bottom two came as a surprise. joey fatone did not receive the bristolcore, it was palin still in the competition. .> joey and kym joey fatone. >> a lot of other things we had wanted to do and now chance to do it. that was disappointing. did ask me to come back
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again, which means i did something right. >> the pressure is on for the remaining contestants. next week, two contestants will be eliminated. at 8:00onday night right here on abc 7. >> that should be good. it is 70 degrees. >> a news anger fires back at a .iewer >> you don't know me. you are not a friend of mine. are not part of my family admitted that you don't want the show. so you know nothing about me. >> learn how this anchor use of address a bigger >> learn how this anchor use of address a bigger
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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